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Jul 28, 2012

The Martian Drive In Podcast #4 - The Man From Cypher

For the fourth MDIP, Grant Watson and Sonia Marcon from Bad Film Diaries Podcast join me to discuss Vincenzo Natali's 2002 science fiction thriller Cypher starring Jeremy Northam and Lucy Liu and the 2007 science fiction flick The Man From Earth. We also talk porn slapping, botox and the nature of cinema a bit.
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Timothy Liebe said...

Terry, you do know Lucy Liu's playing Watson on US Broadcast Television Network CBS's "modern Sherlock Holmes" series ELEMENTARY, yes? Quite well, too - she makes Watson almost as smart as Holmes, better at the medical stuff (she's a surgeon who had a patient die on the operating table, and so shook up over it she's let her medical license lapse), who's put into the recovering drug addict Sherlock Holmes's orbit when she's hired as his "sober companion".

Unknown said...

I have heard about Elementary, Timothy and I may decide to swallow a whole season of it at some stage, but at the moment there's too much stuff to watch. The UK Sherlock is easier to do. It runs six episodes a season. But it shows the elasticity of the characters that there are so many iterations of Holmes and Watson.