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Jul 30, 2009

Jul 29, 2009

Paleo-Cinema Music Podcast #2 Is Coming

Hi freaks and groovers.

This weekend I'll be recording and uploading the second movie/tv music podcast. A few months ago as you'll recall, I threw together some cool paleo-cinematic film tracks that I liked. The response was warm and positive, so I've got together a whole bunch more and they'll be put together with some explanatory narration for your delectation. The regular 'cast will still be up the following week. Consider this one an interstitial treat.

Jul 23, 2009

Update On Paleo-Cinema's Audience

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Jul 19, 2009

Paleo-Cinema Podcast #34 Don't Call Me Shirley And Julie Andrews' Boobs

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Three comedies this time around. Blake Edwards' S.O.B. (yes, the one where Julie Andrews' boobs have a cameo role and Robert Vaughn wears women's undies), Airplane! known in the antipodes as Flying High and the classic golfing comedy Caddyshack. (I'm deliberately ignoring the sequels to the latter two movies). Nothing serious for #34 but just a few chuckles and a look at how a dramatic B-Movie like Zero Hour! can be transformed into a really silly comedy.