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Aug 26, 2012

An Interview with Richard Benjamin over at the Warner Archive tumblr site.

An interview with Richard Benjamin about his time making The Last of Sheila. Thanks to Everett Jones for the link. Benjamin's an interesting actor/director and The Last of Sheila featured in Paleo-Cinema 70.

Aug 11, 2012

Paleo-Cinema Podcast 105 - Night Moves/ Ice Cold In Alex

For 105 Maurice from Love That Album Podcast and I talk about the 1975 neo-noir film Night Moves with Gene Hackman, Susan Clark, Melanie Griffith and James Woods and the half-forgotten WW2 classic, Ice Cold In Alex starring John Mills, Sylvia Sims, Harry Andrews and Anthony Quayle. We also divert a bit and talk a little about bestiality, but in a very nice way. Feedback is always welcome and emails or recorded mp3 comments can be sent to iTunes reviews are also groovy. The voicemail number (US) is (206) 203 3299. Enjoy!