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Nov 16, 2015

Paleo-Cinema Podcast 174 - James Bond and SPECTRE

This time I breakout of the usual Paleo-Cinema Podcast format to look at the history of James Bond, James Bond in the 21st Century and the 2015 James Bond movie SPECTRE.

Paleo-Cinema Podcast 173 - La Chienne Of Scarlet Street.

This time, it's another film noir episode with a twist. The French invented the term film noir in the late 1940s but they produced a film in 1931 which influenced film noir. That movie, La Chienne directed by Jean Renoir is the focus of this podcast along with Scarlet Street from 1945, which is the American remake of it. Both tell the same story but in different countries with different viewpoints.

Paleo-Cinema Podcast 172 - Keeper Of The Flame.

This time around, a week late, I look at the 1943 American political movie Keeper Of The Flame starring Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. 

Paleo-Cinema Podcast 171 - Kansas City Satan Bug Confidential.

This time around we go from a 1952 perfect crime movie, Phil Karlson's Kansas City Confidential (which you can view here for free) starring John Payne, Preston Foster and Lee Van Cleef to 1965 biowarfare paranoia with John Sturges' The Satan Bug starring George Maharis and Anne Francis.