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Nov 30, 2008

Paleocinema Podcast 22 - Industrialised Vampires, Lost Civilizations and A Bad Movie About Movies

In this podcast we first look at THIRST, the 1979 Ozploitation vampire movie starring Chantal Contouri, David Hemmings, Henry Silva, Shirley Cameron, Rod Mullinar and Max Phipps.

From there we wind back the clock forty four years and go to a lost kingdom (or should that be queendom?) in the Arctic with the 1935 version of H. Rider Haggard's SHE, starring Randolph Scott and Helen Gahaghan.

Then forward again two years to Frank Capra's three million dollar utopian epic, LOST HORIZON based on James Hilton's novel. This is the good version, not the one where Bobby Van tapdances into a lake to amuse small children.

And finally, THE OSCAR which was as far from winning the award it is named after as I am from winning Miss World. A bad movie, with features of interest.



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Nov 24, 2008

Podcast Next Weekend - The Trailers.

This time around, in Paleocinema Podcast 22, we're looking at lost and hidden civilizations and Australian vampires.

Lost Horizon (1937)

She (1935)

Thirst (1979)

And the Really Bad Movie I'm going to discuss. The Oscar, from 1966.

Nov 11, 2008

Paleo-Cinema Podcast #21 - Ozploitation Comatose Killers, Sexy Nightclub Singers and Death at Carnival

Back again. In this podcast I look at Mark Hartley's documentary Not Quite Hollywood, begin the Paleo-Cinema Ozploitation Festival with 1978's Patrick the best killer-in-a-coma movie ever, explain why Charles Laughton stole the 1949 film noir, The Bribe and have fun with love and death at the carnival in Rio in the Oscar winning Foreign Language movie Black Orpheus.

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