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Jan 24, 2009

Belated Movie Question Meme

1) What was the last movie you saw theatrically? On DVD or Blu-ray?

Theatrically? Been slack lately. Maybe The Incredible Hulk. DVD - "Death Is Nimble Death Is Quick" here. Blue-Ray - I haven't yet.

2) Holiday movies— Do you like them naughty or nice?

Naughty. Die Hard is my kind of Holiday movie.

3) Ida Lupino or Mercedes McCambridge?

No question, Ida Lupino. Great actress and a fine movie director.

4) Favorite actor/character from Twin Peaks


5) It’s been said that, rather than remaking beloved, respected films, Hollywood should concentrate more on righting the wrongs of the past and tinker more with films that didn’t work so well the first time. Pretending for a moment that movies are made in an economic vacuum, name a good candidate for a remake based on this criterion.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

6) Favorite Spike Lee joint.

Not a big fan.

7) Lawrence Tierney or Scott Brady?

Lawrence Tierney. He was the real deal.

8) Are most movies too long?

Only if directed by George Lucas, or if they're ABBA based musicals or star Adam Sandler, Julia Roberts or Hugh Grant.

9) Favorite performance by an actor portraying a real-life politician.

Chaplin as Hitler in "The Great Dictator".

10) Create the main event card for the ultimate giant movie monster smackdown.

Iron Man and The (Eric Bana) Hulk versus Godzilla and the Cloverfield Newt.

11) Jean Peters or Sheree North?

Sheree North was sexier.

12) Why would you ever want or need to see a movie more than once?

Because some movies have too much in them for the full experience to be taken in in one viewing. Also because they star Ida Lupino.

13) Favorite road movie.

Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia.

14) Favorite Budd Boetticher picture.

7 Men From Now.

15) Who is the one person, living or dead, famous or unknown, who most informed or encouraged your appreciation of movies?

Three people. Martin Scorcese, Pauline Kael and Bill Collins.

16) Favorite opening credit sequence. (Please include YouTube link if possible.)


17) Kenneth Tobey or John Agar?

Kenneth Tobey. More streetcred.

18) Jean-Luc Godard once suggested that the more popular the movie, the less likely it was that it was a good movie. Is he right or just cranky? Cite the best evidence one way or the other.

He was right. Star Wars.

19) Favorite Jonathan Demme movie.

The Silence of the Lambs.

20) Tatum O’Neal or Linda Blair?

Linda Blair. Less precocious.

21) Favorite use of irony in a movie. (This could be an idea, moment, scene, or an entire film.)

Travis Bickle - hero - in Taxi Driver.

22) Favorite Claude Chabrol film.


23) The best movie of the year to which very little attention seems to have been paid.

The Mist.

24) Dennis Christopher or Robby Benson?

Dennis Christopher, definitely.

25) Favorite movie about journalism.

While The City Sleeps

26) What’s the DVD commentary you’d most like to hear? Who would be on the audio track?

Bogart, Bergman, Lorre and Dooley Wilson on Casablanca.

27) Favorite movie directed by Clint Eastwood.

In The Line of Fire.

28) Paul Dooley or Kurtwood Smith?

Kurtwood Smith

29) Your clairvoyant moment: Make a prediction about the Oscar season.

A second Australian gets a posthumous Oscar.

30) Your hope for the movies in 2009.

Two things. Action films that react to the Obama Revolution and also better directed action scenes.

31) What’s your top 10 of 2008? (If you have a blog and have your list posted, please feel free to leave a link to the post.)

Too many seen, too few to mention. Every bugger on the web does this list. Don't want to.

Jan 11, 2009

Paleo-Cinema Podcast 24: Five Movies By Robert Aldrich - 1954-1956 - Cowboys, Indians, Private Eyes, Actors and Soldiers

This time around I'm looking at five movies made by Robert Aldrich between 1954 and 1956. They are Apache starring blue eyed Burt Lancaster as Massai, the last Apache warrior, Vera Cruz where Lancaster buddies up with Gary Cooper... for a while, Kiss Me Deadly which merges private eye film noir with Atomic Era McCarthy paranoia, The Big Knife which shows the disintegration of a movie star and Attack! which takes a raw look at the politics of war on a small scale.

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Jan 10, 2009

New RSS Link

If you look to the left you'll see an RSS feed that says "Links To The Video Trailers" - that's where I will be putting all the movie trailers about the films I'll be talking about in the next podcast. So when I know - I'll upload them there, click the link to go to my Tumblr page and enjoy!