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Jul 2, 2012

The Martian Drive In Podcast #3 The 4D Idiocracy

In this one, Paul Poulton and myself chew the fat about the 1959 science fiction thriller The 4D Man starring Robert Lansing and Lee Merewether and the 2006 political science fiction satire, Idiocracy starring Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph. Also, I've sent a shout out to designers to assist with a Martian Drive In Logo. Prize is a box of DVDs and Blu-Rayz. Voicemail can be sent to (206) 203 3299 and emails or mp3 voicemails to iTunes reviews are welcome. Direct Download Link- Right Click To Save

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Dave Brandt said...

I found a couple of cool videos that are relevant to the 4D effect in the picture. First, has a little mind-bending lesson in physics that is directly relevant. Here's a link w/o ads:

Actual physicists have started to take this idea of a hyperdimensional universe seriously. This stuff is a lot more far-fetched than this movie!

Here's a serious talk by Brian Greene at TED about [either] the current state of cosmology [or science fiction]. He's got some cool visuals of the supposed hyperdimensional universe.

The only catch is that the universe is hyperdimensional only down at the Planck Length (damn small). I think it would be very cool to remake 4D Man but with current cosmology as its starting point. It would be sort of combination of 4D Man and Fantastic Voyage. They would shrink the actress playing the Raquel Welch part to the Plank Length so she could explore hyperspace. A bit like a sci-fi Alice in Wonderland.