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Jun 29, 2010

Paleo-Cinema Podcast 54 - 70s Tough Guys

For Number 54 I talk about Sam Peckinpah's 1975 spy/ninja/kung fu/Bo Hopkins with a shotgun movie, The Killer Elite and Robert Culp and Bill Cosby play a pair of down and out detectives in 1970s LA in Hickey and Boggs. I also expose to the world the coolest version of Ghost Riders In The Sky ever. Enjoy.


Jun 6, 2010

Paleo-Cinema Podcast 53 - Kiss The Night Tide Off Pinchgut

Okay, for this one, we're looking at Dennis Hopper's first starring role as a sailor who falls in love with a girl who may or may not be a mermaid in the 1961 Curtis Harrington movie Night Tide, move on to more Eurospy silliness in the 1967 film Kiss The Girls And Make Them Die and move on to the last film made by Ealing Studios, 1959's The Siege of Pinchgut, starring Aldo Ray.