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Jun 30, 2008

Podcast #15 - Hellzapoppin' The Three Caballeros At The Apocalypso

In podcast 15 I take a look at the seminal gonzo surrealist Olsen and Johnson comedy from 1941 Hellzapoppin', the first Disney movie to combine animation and live action and arguably the last decent flick they made - The Three Caballeros and to end things on an up-beat, I take a look at the other end of the World movie from 1959, Ranald McDougall's The World, The Flesh and the Devil - starring Harry Belafonte, Mel Ferrer and Inger Stevens.

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The Three Cabelleros thanks to youtube

Harry Belafonte wandering an empty New York in The World, The Flesh and The Devil.

Jun 23, 2008

Podcast This Weekend

In this week's podcast, I'm going to look at Hellzapoppin', the ur-absurdist comedy among other things, so to whet your appetite, here's some youtube goodness from that film.

Jun 13, 2008


Sorry guys and gals. the comments were off on the blog, but they're back on and all is well. :-)

Jun 9, 2008

Podcast 14: A World On Fire Versus The Horror Movie That Inspired A Cosmological Theory

Okay, in this podcast we have the ur-global warming movie The Day The Earth Caught Fire, directed by Val Guest and starring Edward Judd, Leo McKern and Janet Munro, the fifth person in my alt.Magnificent Seven, the movie that inspired a cosmological theory - the 1945 Ealing horror movie Dead of Night and talk about a place where you can get enough free movie and tv series downloads to last you a lifetime.

Link to an article in The Guardian about the links between the Steady State Theory and Dead of Night.

Internet Archive Links

The Archive.Org Archive of The Adventures of Robin Hood.

The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari

DOA (1949)

Panic In The Streets (1950)

The Day The Earth Caught Fire - trailer

Here's a link to watch all of "Dead of Night" on youtube

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Thanks to Cerpts, Weaverman and Nicky for their feedback and help, and as always, thanks to Sal for her constant support.