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Jun 30, 2008

Podcast #15 - Hellzapoppin' The Three Caballeros At The Apocalypso

In podcast 15 I take a look at the seminal gonzo surrealist Olsen and Johnson comedy from 1941 Hellzapoppin', the first Disney movie to combine animation and live action and arguably the last decent flick they made - The Three Caballeros and to end things on an up-beat, I take a look at the other end of the World movie from 1959, Ranald McDougall's The World, The Flesh and the Devil - starring Harry Belafonte, Mel Ferrer and Inger Stevens.

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The Three Cabelleros thanks to youtube

Harry Belafonte wandering an empty New York in The World, The Flesh and The Devil.


Cerpts said...

Much obliged for the mention on your podcast. If this doesn't make me a star, I don't know WHAT will! But seriously that was quite a surprise thank you.

I can see without fear of contradicting myself that I haven't seen any of the movies you talked about this time around. Of course, that's as much of a good thing as if I had seen them. Because now I want to see them and that's what it's all about, isn't it? Spreading the world about movies we like. I'm particularly intrigued by Hellzapoppin'. My immense love for another even earlier "bizarre" movie musical called THE BIG BROADCAST (1932) really makes me want to hunt down a copy of Hellzapoppin'. And I noticed the other day (before your podcast) they apparently just released THE THREE CABALLEROS on DVD here in the states. Do I see another purchase in my future??? Once again, thanks for the superb podcast. I really look forward to it!

Terry Frost said...

Hi cerpts.

Any future fame you get is well deserved ;-)

Email me at kultguru at gmail dot com and we'll help you find some movies.

Thanks for the kudos again. I'm already working on the next poddy.

Take care