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Apr 9, 2008

Podcast #11 - Nazis versus Cowboys versus Dinosaurs

Here it is, a little late but better than never. In this webcast I look at the recent deaths of Richard Widmark, Jules Dassin and Charlton Heston, take a look at the Michael Powell/ Emeric Pressburger propaganda flick 49th Parallel and revisit some childhood nostalgia thanks to Ray Harryhausen and a trip to The Valley of Gwangi.

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Cerpts said...

Another excellent podcast! After I dig out all my George Pal movies and have a marathon, I'm going to have to watch VALLEY OF GWANGI as well!

I've never seen 49th Parallel but now it's on my list. You're right about Olivier's accent -- it's a jewel without price. Anton Walbrook's speech is also quite marvelous; what a performance!

Unknown said...

Glad you liked it. I'm trying to vary the movies I'm discussing in the webcast. Going from a kid's movie to an important WWII film goes with that juxtapositioning I want to bring to this. Not sure what I'll do next time but I want to look at a few foreign language films, too.