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Apr 19, 2008

Paleocinema Youtube Musical Clips #1

Dolores Gray from "It's Always Fair Weather" singing "Thanks A Lot But No Thanks". Her fake-sincere and smarmy Madeline Bradville is one of the highlights of this sometimes forgotten but interesting musical. Dolores was also one of the inspirations for the drag artist John Epperson aka Lysinka who was in the Paul Schrader directed fantasy telemovie Witch Hunt.

Here's Dolores Gray in Kismet Baghdad has changed a little since those days...

Bob Fosse as the Serpent in The Little Prince. See where Michael Jackson got some of his moves?


Anonymous said...

"Thanks A lot But No Thanks" is an unusual but very entertaining number. A 1955 movie audience must have been awestruck to see an erotically clad Dolores Gray dispatch an entire male chorus line. The sexual tension is incredible. The WOMWAM website has a detailed analysis of the performance.

Unknown said...

I think the whole of "It's Always Fair Weather" was an interesting experiment taking the in MGM musical in a different direction. I also like Dolores Gray's work in Kismet, too.

Thanks for the info on WOMWAM, interesting stuff indeed.

Anonymous said...

Dolores was a great performer. For IAFW and Kismet I'm sure she was cast her for her nice legs as well as her many talents. Gene's roller skate number and Cyd's boxing gym number are highlights as well. Michael Kidd's routine was dropped before the movie was released but can be seen on the DVD.