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Feb 10, 2008

Quantum of Solace Poster Is Out

The first teaser poster for the new James Bond movie is out. As a primo Bond fan, this gives me a little frisson. The name of the movie is a bit lame. The Ian Fleming short story of that name is less of a James Bond story than an attempt by Fleming to write a Somerset Maugham story in which Bond is a character. But I have high hopes for the movie.


Cerpts said...

I have to admit I still haven't seen last year's (or was it two years ago already?!?!?) new James Bond film. . .what did you think of it?

Unknown said...

Definitely see it. It's the best reboot of a franchise I've ever seen and Daniel Craig kicks serious arse in several regards: acting - he gives a wonderfully nuanced performance as Bond, the action is full-on tough, Eva Green is a marvellously sexy Bond girl and Judy Dench is a great foil for Craig's Bond too. It's more than worth a rental.