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Dec 25, 2007

Paleocinema Podcast #6 - The Newtonmas Show

Here it is podcast 6 - in it I look at Advise and Consent, a political movie from 1962, Sally looks at the Rankin-Bass Christmas stop motion specials from the 1970s and I go through a few of my favourite viewing experiences of 2007. The download link is here. Happy Newtonmas, mon freres.


Cerpts said...

Another great podcast! I've always been a fan of ADVISE AND CONSENT (and all "corridors of power"-type movies) as well as the Rankin-Bass Christmas programmes. It was great to hear Sally as your first guest and occasional guests are certainly OK with me. I particularly enjoyed when the two of you interacted on mike; perhaps you could engage future guests in "interviewer mode" in much the same way. This would free your guest from a prepared monologue by making things more conversational while preserving your presence in the podcast along with the guest. I'm a big fan of the podcasts and can't wait till the next one!

Unknown said...

Hi cerpts

Yeah, it was fun getting Sal in on the podcast and I agree that the interactive part was the best of that bit. We'll be doing more of that kind of thing in future now that my podcasting rig is portable. Thanks for the feedback on that aspect of it.

Next podcast should be out just after this weekend.

Glad you enjoy the poddie and keep your blog going too. (Link plug:

Cerpts said...

Many thanks for the kind words and I can't wait for the next podcast. Since Weaverman clued me in to Paleocinema a month or so ago, your podcast has already impelled me to pick up some previously unseen flicks like THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, The Dean Martin MATT HELM movies and the Scorsese documentaries on American and Italian cinema. Most grateful to you (and Weaverman who has done much the same for me over the years).