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Dec 13, 2007

Remake Madness has a report that the guy who produced Alexander for Oliver Stone, a twit called Thomas Schuehly wants to do a remake of Fritz Lang's Metropolis. This is an extremely bad idea. It's even worse than the 1984 soundtrack for the film where Giorgio Moroder decided that it was a good idea to get Pat Benatar, Adam Ant, Billy Squier, Loverboy, Bonnie Tyler and Freddie Mercury to sing banal pop-songs in an attempt to enhance a silent movie classic. It wasn't a good idea and it wasn't enhancement.

Here's an open letter to Thomas Schuehly. Leave it the fuck alone. Go and do a movie based on Neil Stephenson's Snow Crash or Charlie Stross' Iron Sunrise or get someone to update Norman Spinrad's Bug Jack Barron instead of drawing over masterpieces with cinematic crayons. Nobody's going to thank you for frigging up their memories of the original movie and you won't do it better than Fritz Lang did.
In his later years, Lang starred in a movie called Le Mepris and that title expresses my feelings about the idea of remaking Metropolis. Le Mepris means contempt.

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Weaverman said...

Oh, God! I'm still vomiting. Yes, Yes. I know that a few remakes do work and do not blemish the memory of the originals (as if they could) but the question always remains WHY? I really liked Jackson's KING KONG a lot but why did he feel the need to redo it? (beyond the bucks I mean) It's a bit life hearing Rolf Harris announce that he's going to recreate a Renoir painting. He knows the value of the original (I'm talking art rather than bucks) so why ?