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Mar 23, 2013

Paleo-Cinema Podcast 113 - Guys And Dolls, Paint Your Wagon

For 113 I look at a couple of musicals in which non-singing actors sing. The actors are Clint Eastwood, Lee Marvin and Marlon Brando and the movies are 1955's Guys And Dolls and 1969's bloated, over the top musical Paint Your Wagon.

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Dave Brandt said...

The theme of this podcast reminded me of a bittersweet favorite of mine. It is Mr. Altman's farewell, "A Prairie Home Companion." It's different from the two movies you reviewed in at least a couple of dimensions. He got them.

I'm thinking of two of the roles that went to actors instead of singers -- the semi-fictitious "Johnson sisters." He could have cast professional singers as the singers. That would have made sense if he was only trying to make a concert film. Instead, he cast actors as singers.

From Meryl Streep's entrance on, it was obvious why. He was not making a concert film; he was making a Robert Altman movie. He used the radio show as a metaphor for life and death. For that, he needed the best actors he could find.

Here's a voice that can say it a lot better than I can: