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Aug 7, 2011

Paleo-Cinema Podcast 82 - The Ginger Trilogy

For Paleo-Cinema Podcast 82 we look at The Ginger Trilogy, Ginger (1971), The Abductors (1972) and Girls Are For Loving (1973). Low-budget drive-in programmers with nudity, bondage, calypso music and the New Jersey Turnpike. And don't forget, iTunes reviews are welcome . Enjoy!


Dusty said...

It takes a big man (or shall I say "bigger man" if you catch my boner joke) to admit to watching these movies...and loving them. And an honest man to see them for what they are Great reviews...enjoyed the "G" show. Looking forward to the "H" next time.

Dusty/Playground of Doom

Erica S. said...

I love the "Ginger" trilogy. Cheri Caffaro is kick ass and deliciously sexy. I am glad to see that you've devoted a whole episode of your podcast to these often neglected 70's classics