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Aug 23, 2010

My Panel Committments for Aussiecon 4 - the 2010 World Science Fiction Convention

How to enjoy this convention

Some experienced campaigners share anecdotes and general good adviceon how to get the most out of your Aussiecon Four experiences. So goodthat we’re running it twice. New comers should attend to find out what this Worldcon stuff is all about. Old timers should attend to ensure that they can refute all the vile canards from the panel. Toni Weisskopf, Jack Bell, Andrew I. Porter, Terry Frost, Megan Dansie Thursday 1500 Room 204; Saturday 1000 Room 204 (NOTE THIS ITEM IS BEING RUN TWICE)

To Eternity And Beyond: We’re all Futurists right?

So where is fandom going? What will it mean to be a fan at Aussiecon Five? A gaggle of nostradami will put their predictive powers to the test. We may even bury a virtual time capsule to be opened at Aussiecon Five.Gina Goddard, PRK, Terry FrostFriday 1000 Room 213

Micro-audiences and the online critic

Between 2007 and 2009, 36 major newspaper-based film critics in the USA had their contracts dropped, leading to a growing dearth of quality movie reviews among the nation’s print media. At the same time an overwhelming number of online amateurs have risen to take their place. Through blogs, podcasts and other forms of social media, this new army of critics are very different: the broad-but-narrow viewpoint of 20th century criticism has been replaced by the narrow-but-deep focus of the 21st. A look at how the world of criticism has changed, not just for film but for all art: the advantages and drawbacks, whether we will ever see 20th century style professional critics again, and should we miss them if we don’t?

Terry Frost, Alison Croggon, Rose-Marie Lillian Saturday 1600 Room 219

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