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Dec 25, 2009

Paleo-CInema Podcast 42 The Mobile Newtonmas Podcast Special

This time things are a bit different. I recorded most of this podcast while driving around Melbourne with my new mobile podcasting rig and a logitech microphone headset. I look at Avatar, why Americans don't do good tough guy actors any more, talk about a documentary on Jacques Tati and look at Vincente Minnelli's "Two Weeks In Another Town" while tooling around the city on the Yarra in a Toyota Corolla. Enjoy your holidays, people.

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ottobud said...

Great show Terry! One question: I know I will kick myself when I hear the answer, but what is the tune you played at around the 9-minute mark?

Unknown said...

It was "Music To Watch Girls By" and the anime song was the "Lum No Love Song" from Urusei Yatsura. Glad you enjoyed it.


ottobud said...

Yes of course, that was it! Bob Crewe's hit from '67. It was used for a few commercials too, as I remember. Thanks!