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Jun 7, 2009

Paleo-Cinema Podcast #32 Sick Japanese Puppies.

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This time around, I'm looking at Japanese crime movies. Sonny Chiba's inimitable Streetfighter series, Hanzo The Razor where a Japanese cop with unusual methods is explored in detail and take a quick swim in a sea of weirdness with Seijun Suzuki's Tokyo Drifter and Branded To Kill.

Also, Sal drops in to talk nonsense with me.

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Douglas A. Waltz said...

Great cast. Now I have to see these movies. Well, Branded To Kill anyway. Question; can you get Thirst and Musk flavored lifesavers and would you be willing to purchase them for me if I send you the cash? Just a question. My previous connection has gone the way of the dodo.