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Sep 29, 2008

Paleo-Cinema Podcast #19 First Anniversary Podcast Science Fiction Extravaganza

In this podcast I give a brief history of the very, very early days of science fiction cinema... and by very early days I mean from 1895 to the early 20th Century. We are talking deeply paleo-cinema this time. All the important questions are answered. What were the first movies ever to be pirated, plagiarised and remade? What is the first science fiction film ever made and what do pigs have to do with it?

Youtube music video based on Devil Girl From Mars (1954)

From there I move on to a checklist of pre-Star Wars science fiction movies that are either must-sees or must-owns. (Not a complete list, the podcast doesn't have a 6000 minute running time.)

And finally, I look at a science fiction movie from 1967 which is sadly overlooked, Peter Watkins' Privilege, which during the summer of love took a darker look at pop music, celebrity and the relationship between popular culture and politics.

A Youtube Clip from Peter Watkins' Privilege (1967)

Peter Watkins' web site analysis of Privilege.

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