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May 13, 2008

Youtube Trailers - Eurospy Movies from the 1960s

Berlino - Appuntamento per le spie - a.k.a. Spy In Your Eye. This one has it all, bionic eyes, chicks, knife-throwing assassins. What more can you want?

Kiss The Girls And Make Them Die a.k.a. Se tutte le donne del mondo (1966) Starring Mike Connors who went on to make the cool private eye TV series Mannix a year later. The banana symbolism in the trailer seems a bit overt...

Operation Kid Brother a.k.a. O.K Connery was a spy movie starring Sean Connery's brother Neil and a number of actors from James Bond films. Adolfo Celi, Bernard Lee, Lois Maxwell and Daniella Bianchi. Neil was an okay looking guy, but not as charismatic on screen as Sean...

The Venetian Affair was a solid spy thriller starring a post-Man From Uncle Robert Vaughn, Boris Karloff, Felicia Farr and that delicious addition to many eurospy movies, Elke Sommer.

Mission Bloody Mary was a 1965 spy movie starring American actor Ken Clark as Dick Malloy Agent 077. I have two of the Dick Malloy movies, and they're interesting in a low budget way.

Try some Eurospy movies if you can find them. They're an interesting moment in cinema history, an offshoot of Bondmania which has literally hundreds of examples to explore. I'd also recommend buying the Eurospy Guide from as a great reference for this subgenre of exploitation films.

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